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Integrative Ethics check & Seal of Approval

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Ethics Seal of Approval: “Sustainable & Fit for our Grandchildren”

Together with distinguished ethics professors, WEISS has developed  a code of ethics and value standards for business. The code of ethics is based on the ISO 26000, the guidelines for responsible corporate management.

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Ethics Check
Derived from the code of ethics - the ethics check “Sustainable & Fit for our Grandchildren” is offered. Together with a CSR consultant from the network, the ethics check is performed within the company or the organisation.
Ethics Seal of Approval
Companies and organisations that already consciously operate in an ethical manner and that can substantiate a certain number of points in the “Sustainable & Fit for our Grandchildren” check, receive the seal of approval “Sustainable & Fit for our Grandchildren”.  

For companies or organisations, which are not so fit yet; issues which can be improved are referred to in our analysis and the possibility of additional guidance is offered in the form of ethics and CSR training. It is not important to be "best in class", but rather depends on a sustainable overall picture.
The seal of approval is awarded annually, which means anually adapted re-checks.

The benefits for businesses and organisations:

  1. You show, by displaying the seal of approval, that you act responsibly and ethically
  2. With the seal of approval you build trust with customers and employees
  3. Trough the consultancy service and training, your company of organisation will become  “Sustainable & Fit for our Grandchildren”


Through discussion with ethical management you will learn:

  •  to develop new ideas
  •  to see opportunities in risks 
  •  to create new values
  •  to manage stakeholder interests 
  •  to motivate your employees and
  •  to ensure efficient use of resources

We would be pleased to conduct the ethics check in your business or in your organisation and welcome your inquiries!
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