Wednesday 17. November 2021
We create a professional framework
for ethical, sustainable and innovative action
in business
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  • sense orientation
  • entrepreneurship
  • esteem
  • fit for our grandchildren
  • sustainability


The "WEISS" -  St. Georgen Foundation is an independent organisation with the purpose of developing new ethical values ​​and standards with accredited professors of ethics and economics.
WEISS seeks - based on human ethical background - the spread ethical and responsible conduct as a sustainable management and ethics tool in business.
The development of a professional framework for ethical and sustainable action in business is the main objective of the institute.
There are companies, organisations, religious institutions and NGO's to support, train, advise and foster in the safeguarding future alignment of its business activities with ethical management tools.
WEISS is the platform in the Alpine Adriatic region for all issues relating to ethics and sustainability and considers it its mission to achieve an ethical “AddedValue” for business and community. 

Wirtschaftsethik Institut WEISS GmbH
8. Mai Straße 26, 9020 Klagenfurt
Tel. +43 6644243277