Wednesday 17. November 2021
We create a professional framework
for ethical, sustainable and innovative action
in business
Jost & Bayer GnbR

CSR & Ethics Consulting

We bring ethics and CSR to businesses and organisations.
Responsible corporate management and ethical conduct are important functions of corporate management.

The central task of WEISS is,  to embed the issue of ethics in management, so that  it is implemented in the company's DNA.

The “AddedValue” of ethical and sustainable conduct for your company or organisation:

  • You obtain an altered perspective on your business
  • You gain, retain and foster top employees
  • You identify opportunities and risks
  • You can respond better to the interests of your stakeholders
  • You can participate openly in  innovation processes and thereby increase the quality of innovations
  • You improve access to capital, because you can better substantiate information to your bank regarding risk-management
  • You integrate value- and moral principles in your business
  • You build trust and strengthen your reputation
  • You ensure resource efficiency

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